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CardeoStrap Bootstrap 3 Theme

I recently released a free theme for Twitter Bootstrap 3 called CardeoStrap. It’s a flat theme, fully skinned with all the Bootstrap components you’ve come to love. The colour palette is taken from and there’s a demo available at

Component Library

The following components have been fully skinned: Typography, Tables, Forms, Buttons, Dropdowns, Tabs, Pills, Navbar, Breadcrumbs, Pagination, Pager, Labels, Badges, Jumbotron, Alerts, Progress Bars, Thumbnails, Media Object, List Groups, Panels, Wells, Modal, Tooltips, Icons, Collapse, and Carousel.

LESS Integration

Each component has been broken out into an individual LESS CSS file to allow for easy customization. There is also a lib.less file for configuring global variables like colors, fonts, margin, padding, as well as some mix-ins for CSS3 features like rounded corners. I hope you find the theme useful, comments are welcome.

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Boostrap Ghost Theme

The latest player in the blog CMS game is Ghost. It runs on node.js and features a minimal user experience, packed with features. I’ve put together a Ghost theme called BooStrap that integrates Twitter Bootstrap 3. If you’re familiar with WordPress starter themes like Starkers, this is similar but for Ghost with a Bootstrap integration.

Ghost Themes

Creating or customizing a Ghost theme is pretty easy. If you’re familiar with creating a custom WordPress theme, coding a Ghost one will be a breeze. Ghost templates use handlebars.js templates and you only need three templates to create a theme: index.hbs, default.hbs, and post.hbs (along with the regular css, fonts, and js assets).

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